Thursday, March 23, 2017

Competition Time!

Holmsey and Fergus sat quietly by my side as I stitched. Fergus in particular, was being unusually quiet.

“Whatever is the matter?” I asked them as I blew my nose loudly.

“We’re very worried about you!” Holmsey murmured as he snuggled his little head under my big thick blanket.

Fergus tried to do the same, but, being a lot bigger than the little hare; my blanket just covered his head. With his little nose poking out, he looked just like a goat in a coat!

“You seem to be dreadfully ill!” Holmsey said, his little voice trembling.

Fergus nodded his head in agreement, his huge, brown eyes filled with concern.

“Oh you are a silly billy, Holmsey.” I replied, trying not to cough “I’ve only got a cold! It will soon pass.”

Holmsey and Fergus looked at each other and didn’t seem to be reassured.

“I know! Why don’t we do something nice, to forget about my red nose and poorly chest! Let’s have a competition! And I’ll tell you what; we'll ask Paula at Bear Tails Illustrations to join in! You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I know you love Paula because she makes such lovely pictures of you both.”

“Oh yes please!” cried Fergus as he leapt up in glee and started to bounce around my living room, taking my blanket with him. He looked like a deer-shaped ghost as the blanket flapped around his head!

“What shall we give as a prize?” asked Holmsey.

“How about the three Holmsey books, all signed by myself and Paula? And of course if there are any authentication certificates left, we can include them as well. What do you think?

“So that would be ‘Holmsey Hare Meets Fergus’, ‘Can I Be a Hare’ AND the ‘Holmsey Meets Fergus’ colouring book?” queried Holmsey.

“That’s right.” I replied.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” came a muffled cry from Fergus who was busy trying to untangle himself from my lovely but now quite mucky blanket.

“Ok then. Let’s think. What sort of competition shall we have?

Hmmmm. I know. Have you seen my pen Holmsey?”

Holmsey had and as he passed it to me, I wrote the competition down and showed them what you have to do to enter.

So, with their approval, here is the competition and the rules.

1. Like Bear Tails Illustrations fb page

2. I have mentioned 6 books published by Bear Tails Illustrations including Holmsey’s stories in this little story. Pm Bear Tails fb page direct with the titles of all 6 of the books hidden in the text (including the 3 Holmsey books!). You can find all of Bear Tails books here:

3. Comment on the Bear Tails competition post on their fb page ONLY with the words ‘Found them!’

And the winner will receive three very unique books, signed by myself and Paula.
Winner to be announced on the 9th of April.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


So what has happened since last posting: well, lots. 

I'm ill again but got antibiotics early so I hope I'll get to stay out of hospital.  It's so stressful when you have to go for underdetermined time frames.  In a rush I have to work out what wool to take, what stitching to take in and then, once that's sorted, I have to remember pjs and toiletries.  It's a tough life but you are crafters.  You understand right?

My charity fundraiser for the Hospice is going so well. I'm deeply touched by the kindness of crafters.  People have sent in items from the UK, France, America and there are lots more coming in.  Anything hand crafted, for babies, is very, very welcome.

So these are my contributions.

The little angel wing's top is so simple. I actually finished one during my local women's group meeting. 

We have lots coming through the post and this is what we have collected so far.

Blankets, hats, dresses, cardies, jumpers.  Amazing.

You can find out more here!

And I remembered to put a freebie up.  I can't remember when I designed it or even where it came from...but it's yours on the free chart page.


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